Post a Job,
Change a Life

GiveJobs is dedicated to ending poverty one job at a time.

How It Works

GiveJobs is a unique platform. Here’s how it works:

Post A Job

Quickly and accurately describe the specific work that needs to be done. Whether you’re looking for a graphic designer, a translator, an assistant, or any other job that can be done remotely, there’s an opportunity to find an excellent freelancer through GiveJobs. There’s no cost to post a job and no limit to the number of postings.

Find A Freelancer

The company identifies the right freelancer for the job or responds to freelancers interested in the posting. Just like any other platform, searches are performed for specific titles, tasks, or opportunities.

Discuss the Work

The platform allows for the secure exchange for messages and documents, assisting both parties in identifying optimal connections and contracts.

Pay With Security

Payment for the job is deposited into escrow and released to the freelancer upon approval of the completed job. GiveJobs ensures the payment is received by the freelancer in an acceptable and timely manner.

Positive Economic Impact

With every transaction, you help us to donate laptops and support work programs around the world. Direct payments into the hands of those who need them empower our freelancers to take control of their finances and provide for themselves and their loved ones. In turn, they invest in their own communities, which can reduce their reliance on handouts and charity.


GiveJobs is dedicated to connecting the talents of freelancers in minority communities and developing countries with companies seeking workers. We believe in empowering people from around the world to make a reliable and safe living using the world wide web of opportunities. GiveJobs is ending poverty one job at a time.

Find Talent

If it can be done online, it can be sourced through GiveJobs.

Why Provide Jobs Instead of Charity?

Charity is important. It is often the difference between life and death for those living in poverty. But while charity eases the immediate pain of poverty, it does not solve the underlying issues.

That’s why GiveJobs is driven to provide jobs for freelancers in impoverished minority communities and countries. Jobs give dignity, reward hard work, improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities, and are the key to ending generational poverty.

In a broader sense, providing jobs in these countries begins to lift the reliance on charity. It gives communities the autonomy to invest where they see fit and to build a better future they have control over.