Some Great Ideas to Keep You Busy as an Online Freelancer

Finding work on the internet is not beyond the reach of the average person and is contrary to popular belief. Every year, thousands of new freelancers embark on their rewarding freelancing adventure. Some are content with just supplementing their salary by freelancing while others quit their nine-to-five job and freelance on a full-time basis.

Many different fields are suited for freelancing. We will try to point you toward some of those niches where, with a bit of practice and flexibility, you will be able to take on a variety of assignments and earn additional income. Whether you want to devote four or five hours a week or more, whether regularly or not, the advantage is that you are the one who sets your schedule and no one else does.

I – Education or Training

E-learning is now a common way to get training or to learn something. The number of requests is continually growing. If you have a skill or a specialty that could be of interest to a given audience, the opportunity to teach courses does exist. Your methods, as well as your pedagogical tools, can be updated as you accumulate experience and your listening skills will help you to stay as relevant as possible. No matter the subject—whether it is music, mathematics, languages, yoga, cooking, crafts, or anything else—if you feel like a teacher, then feel free to offer your services to anyone! Whether you go through specialized or generalist sites, virtual word of mouth—that is, opinions and notes left by your clients and students on your profile—will be your best publicity.

II – Administrative Tasks

Whether it is in human resources, management, accounting, contracting, or recruitment, administrative assistant roles are very consistently offered in the market for freelancers. So, if you have an aptitude for such an assignment, do not hesitate to offer your services. Many companies or tradesmen call on external secretarial resources and you might be surprised to learn how much your skills can be in demand. Your versatility, ability to adapt, and flexibility are valuable assets in addition to interpersonal skills and the ability to juggle various tasks. For an administrative job, it is necessary to have a mastery of essential office automation tools because IT is omnipresent in the core of a business.

III – Being a Consultant

A consultant, whether in human resources or management consulting, is defined as an outside consultant whose mission is to provide expert professional advice for a company. Consultants often diligently carry out procedures and identify recommendations to optimize the performance and synergy of employees. Companies that are undertaking a restructuring or are the subject of a takeover will in many instances call upon a consultant to support them during a transition period. A good CV in that area and some recognized experience will help you gain credibility because that market is sometimes tricky to enter. Once you are among the top consultants, however, your work will be gratifying and lucrative.

IV – Coaching

Coaching refers to personal development techniques. It is increasingly essential in today’s societies which generate stress at every level for an employee. The role of a coach is to help individuals to resolve specific difficulties, to adapt to changes, to adapt to new situations and to adapt to new challenges, to reach a given objective, to gain or regain self-confidence, and to fight effectively against stress. To achieve all of that, you will need a significant amount of psychological knowledge and empathy.  An effective coach, in addition, is also a pedagogical person and very reactive, dynamic, objective, and someone who is a particularly good listener. The internet has seen a flurry of coaching proposals in recent years and, if you think you are a coach, you should know that there is room for you.

V – Copywriting and Translation

With the globalization of trade, speaking a foreign language or even only having a perfect command of your native language, can become a real asset in your professional life. If you have a good pen, the right words, and the ability to translate this or that language as closely as possible to its original meaning, that is a quite common way to make a few dollars. The market is not the same whether you are translating from Russian or Chinese or Spanish or even English. Nevertheless, if you look hard enough, you will find offers in almost all languages including your own. It is often no longer a question of translating but of producing an article, an essay, a news item, an explanatory note, etc. with your own words!


We could mention many more professions that could be carried out on a freelance basis—such as call center, developer, IT, designer, business development, data, etc. We decided to confine ourselves to these five areas because they will undoubtedly interest many of you who are reading this article. When searching for missions and tasks, use the most basic and direct keywords possible that are related to your abilities or your target.

As you can see, there are solutions for many of you to make some money by having a relevant activity. On you will find a lot of advice. But do not thank us. Knowing that we could help you is more than enough for us!