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Supplementary Income Thanks To Online Work

In Haiti, the average gross monthly income per capita is $66 US, or $790 US per capita per year (Source: World Bank 2019). A small part-time job or full-time online job are good ways to supplement your income or earn a living. You may be a student, stay-at-home parent, or just someone in need of […]

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How To Organize Yourself To Work Remotely

Working from home has its advantages. However, it is not always easy, and people often struggle to make the transition. The following ideas can help you get started. Create a workspace The ideal would be to create a dedicated space where you can concentrate and move forward with your work. The other option would be […]

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Online Work Opens Up To Haitians

For several years, young people and professionals have been leaving Haiti, mainly for economic reasons. For their part, many Indians and Bangladeshis stay at home and take advantage of freelancing, which is a real work opportunity. This article discusses the supply and demand for contracts in this market and shows that Haitians can also benefit […]