Supplementary Income Thanks To Online Work

In Haiti, the average gross monthly income per capita is $66 US, or $790 US per capita per year (Source: World Bank 2019). A small part-time job or full-time online job are good ways to supplement your income or earn a living. You may be a student, stay-at-home parent, or just someone in need of extra income. We know it is possible to find several odd jobs online and remotely—wherever you live—that only require a computer and a good internet connection.

Working from home is not a new profession—just a different way of organizing your work and your time. More and more workers are opting for this mode of operation and managing to convince their employers.

The company has everything to gain. By working at home, you can offer companies many advantages, in particular, by lowering their operating costs. You can also offer fewer distractions, fewer transport problems or sick leave, and more flexibility in schedules.  

Telecommuting has many advantages. According to the Kronos study, employees reduce the average commuting time by 40 minutes and gain 45 minutes of sleep. These are not inconsiderable advantages to improving your quality of life, provided you separate your private and professional life and accept the isolation that teleworking can entail.

In addition, thanks to teleworking, certain personal constraints become easier to manage. Even if working from home is not a solution to the problem of childcare, it must be recognized that saving time and flexibility in schedules allow you to be more available to them. Conversely, it is up to the employee to properly separate family and work. You must have the ability to disconnect to switch from one to the other, as children sometimes have difficulty understanding that you are physically present in the house but not available to them.

Another advantage is that you can work at the hours that suit you best so long as the work is delivered on time. For your files to move forward or for new responsibilities to be entrusted to you, you must prove your seriousness, your dynamism, and the quality of your work—all remotely.

Do not forget the following:

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  • Accounting and consulting
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  • Analytics
  • Entertainment
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  • Customer service
  • Data entry
  • Desktop publishing
  • Education
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Health
  • Illustration and networking
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Online research
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Technical support
  • Transcript
  • Translation services
  • Video production
  • Virtual assistant
  • Voice talent
  • Website development
  • Writing