Easy Scripted Voicemail Collection – Ring (FR-CA)

We are looking for participants for our new RING project who will complete short phone calls (3 minutes) about certain topics from different devices or VOIP tools (mobile, landline, skype, zoom, etc.) which will be recorded for the purposes of the project.

This project aims to improve the AI behind calls with automatic machines, so the quality and the experience is enhanced.
Main requirements:
• You are a native speaker of French Canada. Can be located anywhere as long as native.
• You will complete 5 calls with each call lasting 3 minutes; 3 calls per day, to be completed up to 2 days. A 3-hour interval per call is required.
• 5 calls should cover at least 3 microphone type (Earphones/internal mic/speaker phone/wireless).
• You need to use at least 2 call sources: landline/cell phone/VOIP/Skype (can borrow family or friends’ phone to make call)
• You need to choose 5 random scripts from the list that we will provide.

• We will pay $90 for the set of 5 calls.

Referral Bonus:

• Additional $25 per successful referral. Successful referral means that the 5-call task is completed.

To Apply please go to: https://www.oneforma.com/job/ring-french-ca/