Freelance translator needed Guadeloupean Creole


For one of our notable clients, a global leader in the pharma and healthcare industry, we would need an English into Guadeloupean Creole/Antillean Creole translator with medical and pharma backgrounds. We anticipate receiving a wide-ranging workflow, spanning the whole spectrum of medical/pharma translation, marketing, and website content.
Please, find additional information below:
Language combination: EN into Guadeloupean Creole/Antillean Creole (Native)
Services General Language services:
1. Translation – videos (usually testimonials), banners, white papers, statistics and research papers, branded and unbranded emails directed to HCPs, patients’ information leaflets, investigators brochures, medical articles, regulated pharma content, patents, applications to health authorities, etc.
2. Proofreading of the above content
3. Creative services: Copywriting, transcreation, VO of assets: Radio + Podcast, Banner, Brochures, Convention Panel (digital), E-mails, Social Posts, TV Commercials, Videos, Visual Aid (Print), etc.
Volume: Exact volume is still to be determined but it is expected to be relatively high
CAT tool: Wordbee

If the above is a perfect fit for your skillset or you can recommend a colleague, please get back to us by Monday 26 February 14.00 UK time, or at your earliest convenience, with:
• Your experience in the fields of medical, pharma, and marketing including a shortlist of your proudest achievements and clients in the medical/pharma segment, if possible.
• Your suggested rates for the services you are willing to provide as listed below:
 Translation (medical/pharma and marketing) per 1,000 words
 Copywriting and transcreation per hour
 Proofreading per 1,000 words
Please, send us your CV at and add a subject line EN>Guadeloupean Creole translator.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help.

* Please, note that this e-mail is an availability request only at this stage, and is not a request to start work. The job has not been assigned until we send a job brief via e-mail or i plus, or a written confirmation to proceed.

Kind regards,
Vendor Management