Somali, Nepali, and Serbo-Croat Translators Needed

US Translation Company is looking for high quality translators for general survey work. You will be evaluated also on your ability to follow instructions the first time, as well as your timeliness in regards to meeting deadlines and answering emails/calls. You will be asked to provide an unpaid sample. **Please note that for this job you will be required to recreate source PDF documents into Microsoft Word document form**

We need translators for the following languages:

Please provide the following:

– Resume
– Educational Degree and where it was obtained
– Years of professional experience doing translations (volunteer work and interpretation do NOT count)
– Knowledge of CAT Tools (MemoQ,Trados, etc.)
– If you have a current MemoQ license
– How fast can you translate 2,000 words at high quality
– Your rates for proofreading/translating
– Translation rate per word
– Proofreading rate per word
– Fuzzy rates
95-99% Match
85-94% Match
75-84% Match
Rush translation rate per word
Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) rate

Note: We do not pay minimum fees, let us know if you have any more questions about this.

– Current Phone Number
– Current Address
– Certifications
– Languages that you know specify the level of proficiency and which language is your 1st language. It also helps to tell us how you were able to learn those languages.
– Area of Expertise (i.e., Subject Matters: Technology, Education, Medicine, etc.)
– Do you have your own proofreader?
– Time Zone
– 3 Email References (People who have experienced your translating/proofreading work)
– Languages that you would translate/proofread (Ex: ENG->SPA, SPA->ENG, GER->ENG, etc.)

Note: If you could translate/proofread other languages but would prefer to just do one language to another, put that down instead of listing all possible languages that you can do.

**You will be asked to provide an UNPAID sample**

If you believe you would qualify or are interested in this position, please send the information listed above to*, with the title of this job posting in the subject line. DON’T APPLY VIA OUR WEBSITE QUOTE SECTION AS THAT WILL LEAD TO INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION.

*no phone inquiries, only emails. Will not answer phone calls.