Top Rated French English Translators for ongoing projects

We are looking to expand our database with well-qualified translators and Interpreters.
Please provide rate and availability and how many words/day you can translate

We are in the process of obtaining our ISO 17100:2015 certification and one of the criteria is that we need to switch Management platforms.
We are therefore switching to Memsource and we would like you to be a part of it for French Translation and proofreading services.
Payments and projects still remain on GiveJobs but the translations will need to be performed in Memsource. You will receive the milestones in Upwork but the documents will be submitted through Memsource.
This is going to be a slow process in the beginning and you might get the document both in GiveJobs and Memsource.
We are only bringing our best translators over and we would like for you to be a part of it.
We also need your email on file in case GiveJobs goes down and we need to reach you for a rush project.
If you are not familiar with Memsource, here are some links to familiarize yourself with our new management portal

When we assign you a project here and you are the translator we will send you the project number 20-09150T for example

When you are the Proofreader on the Project your Project Number will look like 20-09150R.

You will receive an invitation to Memsource and you can accept or reject

We also need you to what you translated into a termbase or a Glossary to maintain consistency
Watch the videos on Youtube to familiarize you with the process

Let me know if you have any questions